Wednesday, 14 February 2018


My La La Land people, is everybody up and about? Guys, is it just me or everyones feeling the depression with this V-Day pass by?
Another year's gone by and it seems like, it was just yesterday that My Mr Handsome brought me flowers from work - on our first V-Day (which was 3 years ago!) I know I know, after S.J. mentioning her 10 years, the 3 seem like a cake walk, but trust me, she's seen us, been there-done that- it isn't! But as she mentioned, the 3 years- where the hell did you go? Feels like yesterday, man!
Ours was a FULL-ON arrange marriage - I mean the kinds where the parents have an agenda every Sunday to look for a suitable match for their "unmarried" baby girl & she, the baby girl has a mission to accomplish - HIDE THE DARN SUNDAY TIMES!! πŸ˜‚I mean, did I not mention 'baby' girl!The word, 'Child Marriage' kept repeating in my head. But as they say, what's to happen, has to happen- will happen. And it so happened that even though we hadn't physically met each other- we were ready to spend the rest of our lives together! I don't know how, but there was this connection- love at first site? (even though there wasn't any site, lol) His voice made me happy - he made me happy! Anywaaayy, in the next 4 months- We Were Happily Married #touchwood!πŸ’‘

Since then, V-Day was something he'd plan. Just became a thing!
So this year, on our 4th V-Day, I decided to give him a surprise! BTWs we still haven't gotten a house (defence resident issues) and are in the temporary accommodation- getting things done there, is a little difficult.. But I was determined!
I started with fishing something different for dessert - He loves his sweet tooth! (if thats even a thing, he does)- Finally found this unique Italian Dessert from Silvia Colloca, (PS: SHE'S GOD TO ME-OFCOURSE AFTER MAGGIE BEER) called "Cocoa Swirl Pavlova" aka Dutch cocoa swirled in meringue and baked. Easy at it sounds, the meringue really did take my case- royally! Anyway! Thankfully it turned out to be nice, just the one glitch- due to lack of resources, I was out of baking sheets- so couldn't take it out of my dish, decided to serve it as it is. (Do the fancy part next time)
After the baking, I did some surfing on the internet, checked the stats on our page, (which btw, thanks to you all, are up!! THANKYOU !!) did the house a bit and prepped a bit for dinner. As luck would have it, of all the days, yesterday, the boy decided to come home early - I mean COM'MON!!πŸ™ˆ
So now that he knew something was up, I just asked him to fix us a drink- something fancy- whereas I took care of the rest!
So at 8, there were candles, ferry lights, lamps, essence and Bon Jovi. -  Not to miss me and mine!
He made us something with orange mint and lime sorbet with some Bacardi - which people I tell you - Was. The. Bomb! YUM! 10/10 my man! I got some chicken puffs from the local bakery earlier and served them with our drinks. We talked - laughed - there was so much babbling! It was perfect - no, I think more than perfect!
Finally, dinner was ready and I served it, not on the table for a change, rather laid it on the bed and decided to watch a movie on Netflix (Food + Netflix = PERFECT). Dinner, I baked a Spinach & Chicken Alfredo Pasta with some home made Garlic loaf (Classic dish). Not bragging but it was pretty yummy - I mean with all that cheese, of course! Post, I took out the surprise, my Pavlova- Topped with whipped cream and berries! OH! That look on his face, my V-Day was made, right then and there!

I don't know if it was that good, but he finished almost the whole thing, left some for the next day! But 80% of it was gone! I was so happy to see my baby Boh happy.. Nothing else mattered then.

It wasn't a something fancy we did or booked a place to go, or make reservations for a date - but it was still so perfect, because by the end of it all, I got to hug him and tell him how much I loved him. And thats all .. πŸ’œ

We hope y'all had a wonderful V-Day as well. Do share yours on the comments below! Would love to read them!😌
Bidding goodbye to yet another Valentines Day with so many memories and looking forward to the next one with so much excitement!



  1. Indeed Irman , one small gesture of surprise is enough to light πŸ’‘ up the love.

    A Happy Valentine's, may you keep having such beautiful moments.

    1. True! Awe, hope you had a great V-Day as well.. Thankyou for reading!

  2. These small things brings big happiness ... Bfuly written !
    Love- Deepika
    (u can ask ur mom abt me!! )

    1. Thankyou so much aunty, glad our words are being read and more so, appreciated.. Means a lot!
      Regards and love from us two!

  3. Happy moments u shall cherish for life. Love u


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