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Tough week, right? So much to do and so little time. But recalling our last night in Delhi ie. post all that Shopping and Churro hogging (Click here) ❤, was a task in itself. (Umm, you'll know why)
Had to make calls to most of the people present there to jot the missing dots. There's only so much we could remember! The boys being of no help because, surprisingly, they were sober AF 'apparently'! Can you believe that? WE DON'T! They being sober equals to, they being one up and making sure we cry infront of them to tell us anything- other than, giving us the 'raised eyebrows' - "REALLY, baby you don't remember what happened next? OH! How would you!" AARRGH BOYS!
So came to the rescue, were the other lot of friends we had gone with and HAHA, when we finally had the whole night infront of us (most of it), we died laughing!! 👻

Post shopping and reaching the guest room, we decided to head to the dresser to get dressed and not waste a minute where in the boys decided to go to their room - open a bottle of Old Monk 🙏, put their feet on the table and have a drink (because, history has it, its always the ladies who take time to get dressed? Well, they knew less!!) 😏

Now again, reminding you - two women-one washroom-one dresser and hell lots to do!! But cus' we are so in sink #touchwood, we managed pretty darn well and were out of our rooms in 20 mins (okay 45, but who needs to know) 😉. We decided to keep boots as a common wear and accordingly dress up! We ran to their room thinking they'd be furious (AGAIN) but to our surprise, none of them had moved their asses since! And we had three more friends already with them, dressed and ready to go! One being, our man: Suresh (THE ONE IN HERE) , our lady: Swat Kat (we like to call her that) & the third, being our butterfly love, who BTWs, worked all day- got dressed and drove all the way from Ghaziabad to see us : AK! She is a delight. Such energy- pumps in every time, we see her! Even though we were super mad at the boys to NOT be ready on time, we were even more excited to PARTEEYY with this crazy lot! So Gaurav realised the heated moment and quickly slid in two more glasses and being the gentleman that he is, poured us each a drink. (Till the time these bums get dressed!) We, on the other hand, had our A game on and decided not to say anything and be NICE instead! HAHAHA, killed them! Tej RAN to do what? NOTHING, simply wear a pullover on top of his already worn clothes and declared himself ready-to-go! Whereas Gaurav took his time, came out in his signature Manchester United Leather Jacket and jeans. HOW DID WE NOT KNOW? WHY WERE WE EXPECTING! 😡

Now, because Dexter was travelling with us, it was our duty to make sure he's had a round outside and was comfortable. GAURAV judged the situation and decided to take him out for a walk while we ladies, catch up on the drinks and some gossip. While Tej went out too, to direct the Uber - somehow Suresh was left with the ladies and they jibber-jabber. After a while, he got up and went in the bedroom. We laughed thinking he was done with this nonsense we girls were talking about but suddenly we heard him yell. SPRINGING OUT OF THE SOFA, WE RAN TOWARDS THE ROOM, CALLING HIS NAME. To our horror, there was smoke coming out of the dresser!!!! We screamed and called for him again. Our hearts were in our mouths!! What the hell happened! FINALLY he came out, calm as the summer sea. Just one thing being odd- he was scratching the side of his head. Putting two and two together we realised- HIS HEAD CAUGHT FIRE!!!! WHAT THE #$%* HOW WHEN WHAT WHERE!!  💥 Again, we see from somewhere, Tej running in with someone, pouring water in the dresser - walking in we see, the fan in the loo caught fire and now they all were trying to put it out. LMAO : Poor thing, so because of some short circuit, the fan caught fire and fell on Suresh's head- and he being the darling that he is, did not say a word. Managed the fire all by himself and came out simply worrying about his hair being burnt!!! DUDE- you could have gotten hurt - but no! It's the hair we care about. #haircare HAHA No?

After all that drama, we finally set course for Cyber City aka Gurgaon aka Soi7 aka THE HAPPENING PLACE aka THE PLACE TO BE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT!!
We entered the place with "Illegal Weapon" being played. (Ladies and gentlemen, if this song sounds alien to you- please do us a favour- You Tube it NOW) We walked in like celebs from overseas!! HAH
Getting a decent place outside, we ordered in! Cocktails for the ladies and Old-Fashioned for the men.
We were dancing away to glory- suddenly a lady came flying on our table- SHE WAS FREAKING POLE DANCING ON THE SHOOT STAND AND FELL ON OUR TABLE!! 😂 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god, we died - we died laughing there. Embarrassed friends of hers insisted on getting us drinks but we were too sober to say yes to such an offer - idiots; we were idiots!!

So continuing with the dance, again, some random dude - with the iPhone and 'Open Jeep' (just guessing) starts to hit on one of the three boys (which one, is confidential. Like what happened in Soi7, stays in Soi7.) So instead of saving our people, we disowned that particular one. Yes, mean but, YES also FUN! Poor one, kept hiding and abusing us! We came along and shoo'ed the creep away. Calling in for amazing snacks was a must!

If you ask us, which prawns, please- don't even bother. none of us remember - but in general, the prawns are cooked well. SO TRY!
Out of no where, we see shots coming towards our table. They weren't some random Vodka or Tequila. THEY WERE OUR FAV Baileys!!! We girls - being girls - screeched and yelled. Urgh, so annoying! But we did that!! Raising a toast to many more, we gulped the Baileys. Before any of us could feel it go down- we realised - amongst us -ONE MAN WAS DOWN! 😱
The butterfly aka the beautiful one aka the hardworking one aka AK, suddenly, sat down and decided to take a nap! Tej being her rakhi brother shat his pants!! We all started to give her lemons and water- but AK was in her own wonderland- we are guessing, Maldives! HAHA, but she was fine. Just tired! But this was something the boys wouldn't understand!! We've been on girls night out. Things like these happen. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO - Suddenly, they became the dad's we've never had!
"LETS CALL IT A NIGHT!-LETS GO HOME -NOW!!" In all of this, you guys realise that we, too are under the influence of some amount of alcohol..*parents reading* 🙊 We don't need this. And their CAPITAL LETTERS YELLING seemed like sirens! We decided to call for an Uber before one of the two kill us with all that annoyance, suddenly (YES, THERE ARE A LOT OF 'SUDDENLY'S IN THE STORY) WE AGAIN SEE A TRAY FULL OF SHOTS COMING OUR WAY. This time - Jaegermeister ! 🙈
From 7 this time there were 6- but they were there!!!
Who ?
Our sweet mallu pooty- Swat Kat, decided to go to the bar and order shots!! HAHAHAHA
Just anything and everything was happening and we did not know what exactly was going on!
We like good kids, had our shots and when were finally about to move : THE GYPSIES : YES YES WE, the Boho Gypsies (just like calling us that), wanted to click some pictures for our 'Blog'!!
HAHAHA Guys, Hell Broke Loose then. We were C/O Suresh after that, because he was the one who volunteered to take our picture. Both our boys, AK (because she had no say, sure if she did, she would have been in the picture then) and Swat Kat (because she's scared of our scary ones) LEFT US!
LOLOLOL. We too, took our time. Clicked some darn-darn-darn hazy pictures (according to us, we got some model like clicks eh!) and came down. Thankfully the boys were waiting for us in the cab .
We finally sat and retired for the night!
BUT THE BOYS, they again took our their Mr Old a lot of Monk, made their drinks- sat down and being the little bitches that they are, cribbed and bitched about us!!
HAHA, how do we know - well we weren't really sleeping were we!!

Alls well that ends well.
We could be so 'Bold and Beautiful' thanks and only thanks to the boys because they were following us like a shadow! And in a place like Delhi, thats a must. We may abuse them, but heart in heart so much love and kisses to them for making sure each one of us - including Suresh, got back home safe and sound!! 💋

This was the last of our kooky and insane trip to Delhi!
Oh, we wish to do it all again, the same way- but with more pictures!!
Our company was incredible so 40% of the credit to that but 60% to the fact that us two, meeting after the longest and still- felt like it was yesterday. Like we were never parted!👭

Hope y'all enjoyed reading the last bit of our fascinating trip.

Next being, does all this end here- WE SAY NO!
BG travels together soon. When - How - Where - What?

Till then

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