Thursday, 15 February 2018


So after that lovely Valentine's Day (see the post here and here) intermission, lets get back to the Day 1 in New Delhi. Consider this part deux - The Wedding Day!
Minutes after we left the Summer House Cafe ( read that fun post here ) our boy Suresh realised he needed some dapper clothes for his dapper self, to wear at the wedding that we were attending in the evening. Announcing such thing in front of girls, turns into an absolute call to arms. Right? 😉 SO, we immediately jumped on the opportunity ( Ha! Girls! 😂😜) and offered 'help'. Explaining the gravity of the situation to our respective husbands wasn't that difficult- they know us- and they knew we won't really take no for an answer! So, they being the darling selves, dropped us over at the Select City Mall and thus began our rapid rampage in the realm of the shopaholics. The drill was a simple 3 pointer - get the boy his desired ensemble - maybe make a swift purchase at Sephora (umm, isn't this self explanatory? SEPHORA 💕)  - and of course STARBUCKS (again... eh! CAFFEINE?🙅 ).
All this was to be done, ideally, in a quick span of 60 minutes or less & it was already 1730 hrs. FYI, we were supposed to get done with the shopping part, reach the guest room (MESS), take a bath, get dressed (did we mention- saree!), put makeup on (duh!) and be out by 2030 hrs tops -while fighting off our immortal enemy - NEW DELHI TRAFFIC (like, seriously though!😑)
ANYHOO, while us girls got a tad overwhelmed with the plethora of options, the boy was pretty sorted. He said one word - Zara and off we went. It literally took him 10 minutes of surfing  and trying 2 overcoats to decide what he wanted **insert slow claps**.  As soon as we all thumbs upped the final choice (its a democracy after all!), we shot out of Zara and went straight into the belly of the beast - Sephora **cue in evil laughter** 😜. Now, as we were patient towards Suresh (for like 10 minutes yeah!), it was his turn to reciprocate. Hence started our endless, clueless and almost fruitless browsing of Sephora counters. After about spending nearly 40-45 minutes at the store & seeing disgust written all over Suresh's face, we decided to call it a day. Thankfully, one of us did decide on picking up a Foundation cum Contouring stick for herself, so it wasn't really a waste of time - yea?
Realising we were cutting it close, we dashed out of Sephora and landed our bums in Starbucks - because - obviously! We were too tired and a little inebriated, so we needed the caffeine! Swear to God, we would have gone for intravenous methods, if offered. JKJKJK
Suresh did the gentlemanly thing and treated us with coffee, meantime, we called for an Uber.
With this, just like Ryan Gosling's moves in La La Land (which were smooth AF 😜), we left the mall and slid into our ride.
We cannot, for one second believe, that we achieved this feat in designated time scale, and not once did we let ourselves get lured into our favourite stores.
All in all, it was worth every second we spent there. Even though we almost snored our way back to the Mess, the adrenaline rush- all that while- was insane!
PS: Like y'all must have predicted by now, YES we were super late and NO we did not reach the wedding on time..

To know the Whats, Whens and Wears of the'll have to wait for the next post...
The Big Fat Indian Wedding..

Soon people!

Till Then!

GB 💖



  1. It was a pleasure ladies !!! Couldn't have done it without you and Zara 😀😊

    1. hahaha...pleasure (and fun) was all ours!


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