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First of all, thankyou thankyou and thankyou for pouring in so much love for all our posts so far.. Like seriously, so much love to each one of you!!💛
Now, picking up from where we last left, the BIG FAT DILLI WEDDING (know more here), was amazing as you all know, we all slept like logs when we got back - The drunk us, had made plans of going to the Caffe Tonino in Connaught Place for some waffles, (because we stay in villages, remember!!- not literally ) 😕 THAT CLEARLY NEVER HAPPENED. The electric blanket and all that cosiness, was something we refused to leave. Finally, the boys ( THE BOYS, ITS ALWAYS THE BOYS) got hungry and called for some eggs and Poha from the Mess kitchen.

FUN FACT: Two years ago, we had gone to Goa for SUNBURN (KYGO OH MY GOD!💜), there the boys refused to walk for another 10 minutes to get some English breakfast, for they rather stayed in the shitty resort (why shitty, again, for another time) with the crying crows and have their 'bread pakoda' and 'poha'! MEAN- COMMMONNN!! Its Goa ..

Getting back to Delhi, argh! But this time, ThankGod they did so, cus none of us were in a state to get out of the rooms without having some food. We sat down like civilised people, did not speak until the coffee came in and finally decided to plan the day. It was noon then, so we did not really have a lot of time to do the things we had, in general planned for. Now because we four had that limited amount of time to spend with each other, we decided to let go of the 'Auto-Expo' that was being held in Noida. (Poor boys, had to sacrifice that for us, we owe them) Rather, we planned on going to Sarojini and later to GK for some CHURRROOOSS! We quickly (as quickly as we could, two women one washroom and one mirror, I don't think its hard to explain, you know) got dressed, one of us stealing the boy's t-shirt because - when confused and out of clothes, 'their t-shirts' always to the rescue, right?
We were out of our rooms by 2:30PM, called the cab and on our way we were!!
So because it was a Saturday, it seemed like the whole of Delhi was heading towards the same direction #delhitraffic and after an hour of being on the road, we finally reached the Fashion Paradise of North India (other being COLABA, most of you would agree, lets not have the Delhi-Bombay fight here😛.) Guys, WOW! IT WAS CROWDED A.F. We did choose the wrong day and definitely the wrong time to come in. We walked pass the crowd trying to look for something- anything that might appeal us. At first we were disappointed, but then in the middle of the pathway, we saw a woman selling jewellery - and we, two women- who LOVE their jewellery, especially when its chic and funky- dashed!

Scanning the collection she had, we were appealed by the neckpieces in particular. After a lot of debating, inputs from the boys as well (free advice, tell you), we picked three neck pieces. Bargaining wasn't an issue, the price suited us and in Rs 250/-, we got these amazing beaded neckpieces which are to die for!
Next stop, DRESSES! After a lot of looking around, we got tired and decided to stop and eat something. Frustrated we were, cus there was so much to explore and so little time. One of us saw the Momo cycle and ran and got us a plate of momos! ( In Delhi and go without having momos? IS A CRIME) Oh, they were a blessing to our tired brains, and like the scene in the movies where there is music in the background, finally your eyes spot precisely what you've been looking for - well thats exactly what happened - minus the background music, of course. But in our heads, that was the scene.
We rushed to that shop, quickly scanned the place, and we knew, we might just find something here. After a lot of haggling (this one wasn't easy) we picked one dress each - in Rs 400/- total - could have made it Rs 300/- but then we got lazy and were getting late.
The boys by then were tired and wanted a cup of tea. We too, decided to call it a day and not push it further. We were here for more that 2 hours and well, thats the max they could have taken. While they called for their tea, we decided on having a plate of Pani Puri! YUM-YUM-YUM Oh how we missed this!! We were tired and irritated souls by the time our uber arrived and all we wanted was a cuppa cocoa infront of us.
Now, we were heading further away from our guest room, and we had plans later for the night- but knowing all of this we still decided to not let this be the reason for us to miss out on some churros and hot cocoa. (we had been dying to do this together)
Reaching GK 2, and seeing the board of San Churros, that witch in us took her broom and flew away. We were the angels one had never seen! HAHA suddenly from GAURAV-TEJ it was BOO-BOH-BABY-HONEY .... LMAO!

We literally entered the place, dancing!
The service there is amazing and they fixed us a table right infront of the counter, for us to see all that yumminess !
In a minute of us seeing the menu, we called the waiter and ordered for a plate of 12 churros and two Spanish Hot Chocolate! The ones who've been there, know why two but for the others, the 12 churros came with four different dips - COCOA, NUTELLA, DARK CHOCOLATE & WHITE CHOCOLATE. Now the Spanish Hot Chocolate is so thick and heavy, its a little difficult for one to finish the whole cup. (I mean, depends!) But because we all had been hogging since, we settled down to sharing our Cocoa!
In no time, our order came in and can we tell you there was no talking after!
The Eye-Heart Emoji 😍 was visible on the faces of each one of us!! We started to relish the churros and when we reached the last 3, it was the end of the world! HAHAHA, all that formality and chivalry jumped out of the window and none of us was ready to sacrifice our churros for any! Was a sight to watch!
And oh god, that HOT COCOA, we made so much noise there were these judging eyes aiming at us from every corner .. But we cared less! We just enjoyed what was there!
After Finger licking everything that was there, we paid the bill and called for an uber. But but but, because it was Saturday, the bloody uber was due to come in after 40 freaking minutes!! DID I MENTION BEFORE, WE HAD PLANS FOR THE NIGHT?!?!?! It was almost 8 in the night and we had plans further!
But there wasn't much we could do, so we started to walk around GK and spotted a dog store. Now all four of us are dog lovers and any such place gives us the feels. We spent almost 15-20 minutes in there, playing with the toys- basically doing nothing. We spotted a very cosy bed and it was perfect for DEXTER. OH MY GOD, shit, we forgot to introduce you all to our lil puffins! Dexter - the LORD shitzu, is the child of Mr and Mrs Gaurav aka 'Shubha and Gaurav' but is conveniently been adopted but Mr and Mrs Tej aka 'Irman and Tej'. So the first two are the parents the other two - well Tej is his play mate and Irman is his girlfriend ! #luckygirl eh!

Anyhooo, after all this, the cab came in and well, not really impressive and was a little stinky inside. We sat in and started to giggle for no freaking reason! #highonsugar! Someone was spraying perfume while the other was cursing. BUT the boys - they started to play music on their phones while the radio was on! HEAD FREAKING ACHE right? Yep, they did that. With that traffic and the smelly cab - the boys were the cherry on top of a cherry that was already there!! HAHA, but they know exactly how to make us groove to their annoying songs - CAME IN BRITNEY BITCH! (umm, guilty as charged! We both love, love and love Britney. We know all the songs. And OH MY GOD, know all the step!) 🙅
HAHAHAHAHA, with us finally dancing and singing along Britney, we reached the Guest room.
We rushed to our rooms because we only had 15 minutes to get ready for THE NIGHT!
It was 9:15 and big plans awaited...

What happened after was -BIG and CRAZY- There was Singing and Dancing and Drama And Crying and there was FIRE!! Like literally!

Stay tuned, you blossom buddies,
For there is so much craziness in the next one!

Till then,


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