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THE ONE WITH- Shifting and Settling

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So we have been pre-occupied with planning our "Girls-Trip" (which is happening next month #EXCITED) and so haven't been able to write a post, but here we are ! And if you've been following us on Instagram *if not PLEASE do*, you must be knowing that Shubha is currently road-trippin' the hills. #jealousfriend And I'm here getting fried in the heat. Umm, well here in Bidar- its HOT! The place is a bliss when it comes to the weather but currently its not being as good as its supposed to be. So while she's gone, I thought why not talk about this 'New' place I'm at. 💁

Now, one of the perks of being married to someone in the Defence is one gets a change of place every two years. I know, you must be thinking, 'how is shifting, so often a perk?' - I mean yeah, the 'packing & unpacking', the 'living out of a suitcase situation', the 'make new friends- physically leaving behind your old ones' (obviously not mentally, my friends are my heart), the 'adjusting to a new place trauma' etc. etc. are definitely the negatives in the whole scenario but trust me when I say this, it isn't that hard as it seems to be. We humans are very adaptive to the environment in which we are kept in. It takes time- a week or two- but we get along with- the place as well as the people.
So recently, the boy got posted to a place in Karnataka called BIDAR. Its a small, yet urbanising city, with an amazing weather *as mentioned before* throughout the year and is just two hours away from Hyderabad by road.

Fun fact: Its even the place where the First Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, from a rock, made crystal clear-drinking water, pour in for the locals who had come to him with the complaint of shortage of drinking water.  They later made a shrine (Gurudwara) there called 'Guru Nanak Jhira Sahib'. Let me tell you, that stream of water still flows continuously and no one knows how!! #WHAT! (I'll write all about it,  with some pictures as well in another post, so more for later)

Anyway, getting back to it, so its been almost two months since we have been here and I kid you not, its a sad place (at least that was my first impression). I mean, it has nothing at all!! Has a fort near by and of course there is a historic edge to the place but to live in this place, welllll, I don't know.. So initial one week we stayed in the guest room until we got a temporary accommodation (or a TMQ as they say), which we were allotted the next week and later after about 4 to 5 months #fingerscrossed, we would get the status accommodation (WHICH BTWS, is a dream) 💭. But on the brighter side, getting your own 1 BHK in a week, its one in a million, because other places it takes more than just a week to independently stay in your own place and not be living in the guest room and eating the mess food. You get it, right? One can only enjoy the food from the hotel say twice or may be thrice but not every freaking day and every bloody meal. So when we got the house we were happy but at the same time, very worried. See, the problem here was not when do we get the house but WHICH HOUSE DO WE GET!
Here in Bidar, the TMQ's were built in the 1940s and due to the tinned roof, they later set up a falls roofing, which later turned into the habitat of many many many mammals. Rats, Bats, Cockroaches, Spiders, Lizards, I mean you name it and its there... I was about to cry.
So first things first, we sanitised the whole place, got it white washed and even bleach-cleaned the tank. All this was a two day process and later were given a green signal for us to move in. Now, this one is for the ladies, what could have been my second worry? (after the whole, we are living with other living being) Well, it was what to and what not to unpack. Because of all the travelling, living in a well settled home was a dream and I wanted to live that dream right away. I mean who is going to wait for 4-5 months, right? One evening, I sat outside in the veranda, putting a lot of thought to the whole thing. As I was convincing myself to open my showpieces, crockery and cutlery, bed and bath, dining table covers and runner, a small little thing came crawling over my foot and touched my thumb, I jumped and heard the mammal flying and making the annoying sound of being thrown. People, that sound was of a bloody RAT!! The God darn stupid &*^*$))$&#)$*%)%^ *$)%#$@ annoying, bloody rat was just sitting on my foot. 😩 Like its some park! I mean, *%#%$%%**@ Oh my god, I screamed and the boy came running. All I told him was, the stuff stays in the boxes, only the necessary items come out. He died laughing of course, who doesn't enjoy to see their wife's face in horror..
I finally did set up the place with whatever I could afford to take out and adjusting with the stuff already lying around, I wasn't too sure whether I'd like it or not. But you know, it isn't the place that matters, the fact that my boy and I put in our hearts and souls in the place, this rotten TMQ feels like home and is slowly growing on me now. Initially I used to get scared hearing noises the dynasty above me made, but now, I have acclimated myself. (I mean obviously, I'm securing the place with a lot of rat kill and cages but then I pray to God everyday, for making sure, when I get up, I don't get to see the site of a dead rat in my kitchen or the bathroom or living- anywhere!! YYUCKK! Im getting 'icky' just writing about it.. AARRKHH.)
Sorry, moving along, setting this place, as mentioned, we didn't open much but with the stuff we already had outside and by just painting an old rack, unknowingly, we created a corner that's just perfect for a poor lil soul like me.. This corner has turned into my spot. Its my 'first cup of coffee' spot, my 'lazing around and day dreaming' spot, my 'chatting on the phone for hours' spot, my 'reading and occasionally writing' spot, my 'having a drink with my boy' spot.. Its just my spot. The boy even has a name for it- calls it The Cuckoo's Corner. 😍 (Well now you know what he calls me, but it's one of the the goofy names he has for me, there are more and you'll never know, or I just hope you don't. WHATEVER! )
What I'm trying to say here is that shifting to a new place & uprooting yourself from your comfort zone, gets hard at times but I tell you what, do till you can, we are all growing old with every passing second. And if I can find my comfort zone in a dungeon, you can too.. Im not saying I'm completely satisfied and happy with my surrounding and the place, but I'm learning each day how to. So cheers to turning the shitty-feet-like-smelling houses into homes..
If you've got to move you've got to move- deal with it, I delayed the process, which sucked but I guess, now I'm on track.. Wish me luck!

PS: You've already seen the picture of my pweety corner with my spot- I call Ze Irman's Throne  JKJKJK. And there's another picture of a Stormtrooper which my hubbybull'a'y 'asked' me to post. (there is a paining of the boy which I painted and gifted on his bday this year, I know #braggyme.) ENJOY!



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  1. So beautifully described experience Imran. I could relate myself with each and every single situation.


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