Sunday, 18 February 2018


Our La La Land Nomads!!
Hello to you all. We have been getting a lot of DM's wanting to know more about what happened 'after' aka The Big Fat Dilli Wedding!!
Oh, can we just say, the wedding and the decor was simply a DREAM. So we hear the bride really put in a lot of effort and looked into every gory detail regarding the decor and it was visible. The wedding was of one of our closeseset boy's and we were super thrilled to see him finally getting hitched with his long term sweetheart. He used to send messages everyday and insured we all reached and attended his wedding (which if we didn't, definitely would have missed that spectacle).
As you know, we reached the venue super-duper late (shopping craziness, what to do! Know more here) and because of which, we missed the boy's entry on the "Ghodi". Our boys had 'THAT FACE' (you know, the ones hubbies make when they want to tell you -'ITS YOUR FAULT LADY, BUT I'M BEING THE BIGGER PERSON AND NOT SAYING ANYTHING!').. Yep, that face. Anyway, we entered sheepishly, knowing we aren't hearing the end of this one! But Thank God, as we entered, both the Bride and the Groom were heading towards the first major ritual of the night - "The Varmala Ceremony". We quickly ran - in those heels - and were a part of the ceremony. HAHA, the boy was thrilled to see his crazy lot, finally making it. We hugged him and wished him good luck for the further - "click pictures with the relatives and friends and for that constant smile the two of them had to maintain for the next 2-3 hours' HAHA - oh! how thankful we are, ours is done! PHEW!
ANYHOOO, our boys ran towards the open bar because obviously, that was their highlight for the evening. We being lady-like, asked for a glass of wine, spotted a corner table and parked our asses there. (PS: those pencil heels were digging holes in the ground and making it so difficult to bloody walk ) Its a lesson, never learnt! Been there done THAT but still, saree? -PENCIL HEELS.
Next time think it through women. BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK heels all the way.
Our wine glasses came in, we raised our glasses to the handsome couple and gulped it down. In the next 5 minutes we learnt that because we 'barely made it for the wedding' aka. were so late, the open bar was going to shut soon. All hell broke loose! The boys now had that DEATH STARE. We refused to even look at them! So much so, we simply got up and ran towards the dinner buffet before that shut too. HAH, as funny as it sounds now, trust us, we were shitting bricks then!
But Faujis being Faujis, when we got back with ALL THAT FOOD, (we looked like the lot thats never seen anything close to food. We made mountains of butter naan and butter chicken for the boys to not kill us) the boys had arranged for their OWN personal bottle of alcohol! Mean, common! Resources!

They were happy when we got there and happier to see the heap of food. They hogged and then told us that they had Old Monk and Vodka! So now from no alcohol, we had a choices! #justfaujithings
But because we were in no mood to simply drink the rum without any cola and VODKA IS A NO NO (obviously), we demanded for some coke. Can we tell you, the boys had that look again but the bachelors who we love so much, in the next 10 minutes, managed to get 'Diet Coke' cans for us!! LMAO. It seemed like they literally slammed the cans infront of us telling us - What beyond this - Here's your Coke and guess what, its got 'DIET' written infront of it. HAHAHAHAHA we died laughing!

We sat there giggling and laughing and making fun of the 'disaster outfits' people had. All in all, had a blast!
We did feel bad for not being able to spend time with the groom - The man of the hour, but then he was very happy where he was, right next to the love of his life- now his wife! #poeticinstincts!
Realising that it was almost 4 in the morning and we had so much planned for the next day, we decided to call it a night and crash!
Not before some more pictures being clicked (this time it was the Band of Boys) that wanted to have a full photo session. Hilarious much !
It was SO COLD but none of us felt the chills until we finally reached to the rooms, that we sprang out of our sarees into the cosy blanket like pyjamas and into the bed!
But before we did all that, we HYDRATED ourselves with bottles of warm water, because we know we've grown old and gone are the days when all we needed was nap to function properly the next day, after a crazy night like this one. Heh, we did not have a hangover and were up and about to explore Delhi! (well, NOW THAT, FOR THE NEXT ONE ! )

Weddings are always fun, two people, madly in love, finally deciding to spend the rest of their lives together, in happiness and sadness, in sickness and in health... Its just beautiful and when you get to attend a wedding of your closer one, its always special!
We wish the couple a happy married life and a lifetime of togetherness!

Stay Tuned..
For, the next day, was even crazier!!


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