Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Hello! Hello! Hello! 
We know there have been so many of you wanting to know who we are and what is it thats going on.
Well first of all, would like to introduce ourselves to all you lovely ones: WE ARE SHUBHA & IRMAN. Some of you know us and most of you, don't but we would love for you all to get to know us and we'd like to do the same 😌
More on us: We both are married to handsome ones- The Fighter Pilots. We are not the same age- completely opposite- one did not know the other existed about three years ago. BUT, still, by the end of the day, both of us can stand each other and have each others back (for life)! You know, like we both can spend a whole day together, sit right opposite each other and not talk- not annoying and definitely never talk ill of one another to anyone- not even to our better haves (rather its the other way round, lol)

So, how do we know each other- well we were neighbours and somehow we clicked. (Trust us, its a little difficult for us to get along easy. HAHA and that's why we are friends.) Later, our houses were at a distance but that did not make a difference to our 'everyday meets'. Be it for coffee or green tea or simply to gossip! Thankfully, our husbands got along pretty well (still do!!), so it was a win-win situation for the four of us. #touchwood! We spent good two and a half years together in the same station. (Well, thats the maximum time you get in the defence , sucks!! )
So it was time I, Irman moved to a place called Bidar, close to Hyderabad. (Its famous for Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib. On that later) Distance did not really effect our friendship and we continued to talk almost everyday. Did I miss her? LIKE HELL I DID, but little could I do. One day, we both just were just discussing on how the two of us wanted to do something, something of our own but because we both are lazy, we couldn't establish anything out of just that thought. It was Shubha then, who simply asked me,"Do you want to do something together? Something that is the two of us. Something that we both can built together and in that bargain, we could meet a couple of time." (You know, we needed a reason!) Without giving it a thought, all I said was,"YES! I've been meaning to ask the same but was scared you might not like the idea." HAHA - we laughed first. For like good 5-10 minutes and later started to discuss Kylie's baby! (Well, as you'd get to know us more, you'll see we deviate from the main topic like in seconds.) ARKH! PS: THAT VIDEO KYLIE'S WIFEY, JORDYN MADE, WAS REALLY GOOD. IF YOU HAVE'NT SEEN IT YET- PLEASE DO! NOW.💜 
Psst, Getting back. So yeah, after a lot of talking and talking and some more talking, we finally decided to do THIS together! Something that reflected the two of us, something that we've been talking and joking about- SOMETHING THAT SAID - "SHUBHA & IRMAN"

Next was deciding on a name- LMAO, that was another task! We just couldn't settle on one name. We liked EVERYTHING AND NOTHING, all at the same time. God. Finally, the boys came to the rescue- it was they who noticed that the two of us kept repeating the words 'Bohemian' & 'Gypsies' a lot. They simply asked us to put both the words together - and people, there we had it, something that was us two- something that did not restrict us from being a thing. Its simply said WE ARE EVERYTHING.

So now y'all know, this blog isn't just a 'TRAVEL' blog (we mean, it mostly is), but its something of everything, in and around travelling. We both love doing it and relying on the boys was a failed attempt (defence and all, you know!) So here we are- two married 'girls' (we like being called that), close friends (best-friends, a concept we both don't believe in), ready to explore the world together...
Like that advertisement - 'YOU AND I, IN THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD' #cheesymuch ?
Nah, first post- we are allowed to be gooey-mushy and a little cheesy!
So stay tuned- for so much more to come.





  1. Super duper excited to follow this one !! Yu both will absolutely do a great job knowing it’s so close to yur hearts (distance doesn’t matter eh )!! Good luck and keep it coming ✌️✌️

  2. Simple & attention grabbing entry ... !!!

  3. Loved every blog... Grt job!!


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