Monday, 12 February 2018


Lovely ones! Thankyou for all the love you guys have been pouring in! Its more than overwhelming !!Me and Shubha were so excited about starting this blog together that we instantly decided on meeting last weekend. (Convincing the hubbies wasn't a problem as they both wanted to do the same) Again, win-win right?
We reached on Friday and went crazy hugging and shouting! #thingsgirlsdo 👯But trust me, it was epic! I mean, before it was merely us- now we were partners to something so close and seeing each other just brought in all the emotions we had. We had so much to do and so little time. First we decided on dressing up and grab a drink - and what place better than "The Summer House Cafe"  in Hauz Khas.
I mean Chris Martin was once there, so ha!

We did not over do the dressing up part but kept it chic like! Reaching the cafe, we were so impressed with the decor inside (last time I was there, we couldn't get a table in so didn't get to see much), but this time walking in, we just kept clicking pictures of every corner possible! The most that impressed me was a wooden door hung on top of our seating are with glass panels in. They had dropped some thinly lights on it and hung it like an electrolier. Pretty impressive! The place was something of everything- Contemporary, Scandinavian, Rustic and of course, Bohemian. People who've been there would defs agree with me!

The wall had 20 rules of life that were inspiring and spoke to the generation! Most impressed I was when I went in the restroom! (The only corner of a cafe you can see how exclusive the place is.)
It was clean, had essence floating in the air AND IT HAD TISSUE PAPERS -hard to find these days!
We sat there for like a couple of hours as we had a wedding to attend to later. But while we were there, we tried almost every cocktail they had to offer. We were lucky enough to be there during the 'Happy Hours', where drinks were One on One!

We dove in and ordered- starting with our all time fav- Old Fashioned (Jim Beam) moving to Mai-Tai (Dark rum with pineapple, orange, coconut and grenadine), then we tried the Mojito (the best for a summer afternoon) ending our spur with Junipper Pimms (Gin with cucumber, coriander and some lemon) *THE BEST WE HAD- A MUST TRY!*
Because we were on a drinks-spree, boys decided to stick to Bira (The beer of all times) - #heaftybillkills!
To compliment our delightful cocktails, we ordered Onion Rings, Spicy Fries, Pig in Blankets (THIS WE ORDERED TWICE, say no more?), Thai rice and a Pizza (double cheese & double bacon- AGAIN A MUST!)
People, our diets went flying of the window and we were hogging like we've never seen food before!
As swank our looks were, we ate like hungry bums! (Pretty sure the waiters judged us)👀
Oh! but it was worth it.
And can I tell you, our bill wasn't much. Didn't pinch the boys at all! We were shocked!
We never wanted to leave the place but then had to go visit the mall to help a friend get his overcoat for the wedding later - we be stylists too !💁
So we, The Bohos give "The Summer House Cafe" FOUR BIG THUMPS UP -Two for each person (Just explaining)
Stay Tuned for what happened next!

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  1. Imma loving this! Keep it coming plz! Next time- u dont just order Pig in Blankets and not call me over! �� Keep rolling and keep writing! Piggy-cheers����

  2. Wow ! What delightful description of sojourn to the Capital !
    *Summer House Cafe* listening !
    Must have been a real treat. Enjoyed reading. All the best

    1. Thankyou so much Daddy!! Means a lot . LOVE <3


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