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"Our Lord never condemned the fig tree because it brought forth so much fruit that some fell to the ground and spoiled. He only cursed it when it was barren." ~ Edwin Louis Cole

So recently, we made a trip to The golden City of Rajasthan - Jaisalmer! This was my first ever trip there- was amazing- simply loved it to the end day.
There is so much I'd been penning down about the place- the things to do, places to see, art and culture to cherish ANDDD so much to shop (did we not mention, EATTT)! The city has a lot to offer. I wasn't really expecting much but it was hard leaving the place even after 10 days. (So you can well imagine..)
But before I go ahead about Jaisalmer, this is what I wanted to talk about more than anything!
The day we landed, a junior of Mr Tittleton (the better half) texted me saying I have to visit a village called Kuldhara. The name seemed odd to me, I did feel like I had heard it somewhere but couldn't recall. Google came to my rescue and as soon as I typed the name, the first words that popped on the search engine were - Haunted - Abandoned - Cursed! 👻
I shut my phone there and then and decided to not even think about whatever place he was asking me to go visit. I mean according to me, it was some village with a textile factory, where I'd get handmade rugs or something 😐 !! But to my horror, it was some abandoned village- is what little I could make out. (Well, I am the biggest pooper when it comes to anything this sorts! I watch horror films with my hands on my face, not seeing almost 90% of the film and obsess about it for the next gazzilionn days!! I know my girlfriend (First half of BG) reading this must be laughing away to glory because she's done some mean things to see me shit my pants in the middle of the night. I HATE YOU JUYAL JUYAL - #justsaying! 😡)

Anyway coming back to the topic, a couple of days later a bunch of people from our group went to the village in the evening and came back all spooked. One of them refused to sit in the hotel room alone. I knew then, that this was something I'm DEFFFS not doing! I told Mr Tittleton that very night that if at all everyone plans on going as a group to the village, I am not stepping my foot out. I'm happy sitting in the car. He laughed and told me not to worry and that he, like a good husband, will accompany me if it comes to that. I was relieved!
But! The big but.. The day came, we all were heading back from our night spent in The Sam Desert (about that in the further posts) and like I said, everyone DID plan on going and visiting the village, as it was on our way back to the hotel. Me and and another friend decided to stay put in the bus and not step out but as luck would have it, the bus went right in the village and stopped right next to a bunch of broken bricks. As much as we were wanting to deny, we were IN THE VILLAGE. AND THERE WAS NO LOOKING BACK!!🙈

village is around 20 odd kilometres from the city of Jaisalmer. Once to be known as a prosperous village in the 19th century, now is all about broken houses and scattered yellow bricks. Back then, the place was inhabitant by the Brahmins.
According to the stories floating, there was a king, Salim, who fell in love with a girl from the village. Because of the caste difference, the villagers opposed to the proposal and denied the king's wish. In return, the king started to torture the villagers and one evening announced that the next morning, as the sun rose, he would forcibly get married to the girl and challenged the villagers to do whatever they could to stop him. Apparently, the villagers decided to flee from the village that very night and before they left, they cursed the village to never be habitable again. It is said, that since that night, no one from that village, not a single soul-or that girl for that matter, were ever found.
The Rajasthan Government converted the village to be a tourist spot later but there is a huge board outside, along with a gate, that says, "No one is allowed to enter the village after 6 pm." Its heard, who so ever has tried to spend the night there, has experienced some kind of paranormal activity- some energy that doesn't let people to spend the night in the village. Its been abandoned for more than 200 years now. 
According to wikipedia, the broken houses and the scattered bricks are a result of an earthquake that hit the village almost during that time.

At the entrance of the village

So, that we were RIGHT THERE, we decided to get down and see the place. I held my husband's hand and told him to stay. with. me.
As we walked, yes, there were broken houses everywhere! The bricks were lying there, there was a village that was just broken and it was just sad looking. I felt weird and unhappy. Something about the place just didn't feel right. We went to this mug house that the government made later for the tourist to see the whole village in one go, and it was a deserted site to look at.. I was forced to click a couple of pics from that place because now, I was intrigued to know more. What happened there- actually? 😟
We decided to walk deeper in and go around the broken houses. It was sad. There were a lot of people but as we went inside, the sounds stopped. It was simply quiet. Which, to me was odd. I immediately told my husband to return. I just wasn't getting a good feeling.
We walked back, I grabbed a glass of chilled fruit beer sold outside from the soda van and went straight to the bus.
They say, when you go there, one should never ask the way to the village and once there, never tell a
anyone to to come back home. Its believed to be bad omen. 😰

The view from the top. #theabandonedvillage

According to me, I think the place is cursed rather than haunted but then again, but then, what do I know. I would never want to doubt on whatever energy- good, bad or ugly that floats around the place. Why would I question? I would rather stay away than get deep in. 🙅
I won't deny that once in the village, I did want to know more about what when how and what now, but then the sane voice in my mind told me to stop thinking and just take it as a tourist spot, a place that I can now tick in my travel book.
Should be or not should be seen, is up to you! Trust me.. If you're a fan of these stories and willingly would want to get deeper in, please by all means do go visit, you'd love it!
But if you're someone with a weak heart and don't want to be bothered later after coming home, please avoid. (I could not sleep well for a long time, not because something or someone stopped me to, just the thought of the village did not leave my mind.)

PS: I looked around and jumped to every sound that came while typing this! HAHA, God I hope I can go pee.👀

BG 💖

He gazes, Mr Tittleton

The Yellow Window to a door at a site.

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